Leading Eagle into 2021...

Our leadership stance for Eagle, Idaho starts with guidance and prayer to our Savior, Jesus. Knowing that HIS will for my life and our community may glorify HIM alone. ~Kenny Pittman~

Our community could benefit from several things, that we believe, would help the local economy and residents of Eagle, Idaho. These items are listed for your review. More detailed information can be requested via email at kenny@kennypittman.us

1. Keep Eagle from growing too fast in the residential housing market (Planned growth!).

2. Recruit "new and sustaining" businesses to downtown. (Planned Promoting!)

3. Develop Eagle's own "Village" atmosphere partnering with retail/office/apartment complexes.

4. Keep residents from spending money in other nearby cities. (Purchase Local!)

5. Focus on the"Live in Eagle / Work in Eagle/ Play in Eagle" concepts.

6. Keep our community clean, safe, and engaged.

7. Ensure our Fire and Police departments are funded for the needs of the community.

8. Maintain and increase our parks and community meeting centers.

9. Increase community service opportunities to build a better city.

10. Work with the Mayor and other committees to ensure Eagle regulations are followed. 

11. Partner with business and church entities to introduce them to our community residents.

12. Promote Eagle as the city everyone wants to do business in and with!